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Beautiful White Koi

You have to admire the ingenuity of the early Japanese koi fish breeders.  

They took an ordinary fish with one or two colors and selectively bred the wide variety of colors and patterns that make up the koi standards of today and created a whole industry based on a common carp. They created colors of brilliant reds, blacks and green with some yellow and the ever popular white.

Most koi have a base of white, with spots or patches of other colors. Red and Black patterns are more common, with solid colors being more rare and unique. So, what makes the white koi so popular?  Is it just because it makes a wonderful contrast to other colors, or is it something else? Continue reading

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Koi Disease

Wonderful Koi Colors

I Love These Koi Colors

Generally, koi are tough fish and usually have a high resistance to disease and illness. But, the health of a fish is heavily dependent on two factors, water quality and diet.

If their environment or water is bad and we feed them a crappy diet, their immune system gets stressed out. And their resistance to disease can go way down and even the mightiest fish can get sick.

There are several types of bacteria, parasite, fungi, and other illnesses that are common to tropical fish as well as koi.  Continue reading

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How To Raise Koi

How to Raise Koi – The One Thing You Really Need

The most important thing you need when learning how to raise koi, and the one thing you cannot do without, is good reliable information.  Koi are beautiful fish and anyone who wants to raise them needs to have the best information available.

Anyone who raises fish knows that a fish needs just three things:  Clean water, good food and protection from predators to survive.  If you have those things covered, everything else are just enhancements to make them look better.  But sometimes the enhancements are what make a puddle of water look good and will make your koi pond exceptional. Continue reading

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Koi Colors

iStock_000014025300XSmallKoi colors.  This appears to be the only way ornamental koi fish are classified.  Just trying to understand all the colors can be almost overwhelming for a beginner, but with a little patience and study it all begins to make sense.

Koi is simply the Japanese word for carp.  It doesn’t matter if the fish is the grey colored variety used for food or a brightly colored ornamental fish gracing a landscaped and meticulously maintained backyard pond.  They are both ‘koi’ in Japan.  The only difference is of course, the color.  And koi colors are what have made this fish become of great interest to collectors and breeders and a hugely profitable industry.

In English, the word ‘koi” refers only to the ornamental fish.  In Japan, koi are symbols of love and friendship and this fish has become prized all over the world for its bright, vibrant colors.  This type of fish is regarded as a symbol of friendship and love.  As such, it has become extremely popular on everything from jewelry to tattoos.

Koi colors are beautiful and original.  No two individual fish are exactly the same.  This uniqueness is what gives the koi fish the ability to impart calmness and serenity to people owners and people who just like to watch them.  Different varieties are distinguished by color, patterns and scales.  Every breeder seems to be actively looking for a new variety to develop.

It has been suggested that for a beginner to fully appreciate the beauty of koi, one needs to have an understanding of the Japanese terminology that describes the koi colors. For a novice, like myself, this can be a little overwhelming.  After all, wikipedia lists more than twenty varieties and I have seen lists that had more than forty varieties.  So I need a list to refer to.  If I have a reference, then I don’t need to worry about terminology right away.

What I have noticed about Japanese terminology for koi colors is that there is often two or more words for the same color.  One may refer to the basic skin color of the fish, and another to same color markings on a different color skin.  For example, a koi with red skin can be called “aka” and red markings on a different color skin will be called “hi” or simply “hee”.  Very confusing.

The beautiful and vibrant color is probably the reason most people become ornamental koi fish owners in the first place.  After all, if the fish were not gorgeous, why would we want them in our pond.  It is only later, after we have had koi for awhile that we begin to appreciate other attributes such as hardiness, size and longevity and of course, their individual personalities.

If you are interested in owning a koi of any color, my suggestion is to forget about the terminology, find a color you like and buy your koi.  You will get hooked (no pun intended) and enjoy it for many years.

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How To Build A Cheap Koi Pond

Wonderful Koi Colors

Imagine Your Koi Looking Like This

Koi Ponds have become the premier aquarium for many people around the world. These fish come in a huge variety of colors and patterns and there is a lot of pleasure and for some people, profit, in owning koi fish.

Koi fish ponds bring out the best in people. As a result of this, many people look at a pond and envision how it would look in their own backyard.  If they like and want to keep koi fish, they willingly take on the task of building a koi pond.

A lot of DIY koi pond builders are Continue reading

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